Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Like A Bee

Busy Like A Bee

Hey everyone!

I've been so busy lately! It's been hard to get a decent post out. Busy doing school work and trying to find a job. I've recently had to do a group performance for school so that I can be assessed on my musical talent, this is then followed up by a composition due in two days. It's all time consuming and you just forget about things like a blog. But hey I'm here spending a few minutes to update the world.

A main reason I've been gone for the last few days is I'm trying to find a job. One off the internet and one on it as well. I've been applying for small jobs online to see if I can get some easy writing work. There's jobs everywhere it's just finding the right one that causes the problem. Anyways the bottom line is, I've been really really busy with life.

I've also been put on a hard training schedule for my underwater hockey team, runs, press ups, crunches, countless laps of swimming it's running me down. Worst of all I've been forbidden from alcohol until the tournament but hey who wants to win gold right? I guess it will help with my under 18 trials as well, ugh I wish I could just drop it all and become a fatty.


So life's been hectic... Not much time to do anything. That was another short post of doom!

Cya people, o and stay dancing baby...
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