Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things We Shouldn't Laugh At But, But Do

Things We Shouldn't Laugh At But, But Do

We all know some things in life are just too awkward and nonsensical that we laugh at them, these same things also turn out to be "politically correct" and shouldn't be laughed at. But hey I don't care if I get frowned at, these are just a few things too funny to not laugh at.

1. Someone falling over

I'd like to tell you the story of Heidi Chen. She's a girl in my form class and she was also in my English class last year. She fell out of a doorway and landed on her feet. Yes it doesn't sound funny now but she then proceeded to crumble to the ground as if gravity was too much for her. After being degraded to her knees she then stood up and hit her head on the door. Instead of asking her if she was alright I laughed hysterically. If you'd seen it you would have done the same thing. Either way me and Heidi are still mates :).

He's all like "Floor! Catch meeeee!"

2. The German accent

O come on! Try to not laugh when you hear them say something. Especially if they say something in English. It's all like " Hehlo HGi! *I in German* am Clemens! But hey these people were born with these accents soooo we aren't allowed to laugh at them. If it makes it any better the British accent is pretty funny too.


3. Ginger people <---- *by Moi just btw, click link to see what I mean*

Hairy Mcflary, Fanta Pants, Gingernuts. just a few colloquial terms used for the inferiors, I mean equal human beings. No gingers are fine I know a lot of them and one of my besties anna is a firehead. It doesn't excuse how funny they are though. Agree? I feel sorry for them though they must get so many questions from douchebags like me being all like "do the curtains match the drapes?" or the more classic "hey ranga are your pubes ranga as well?" Live in NZ for awhile and you'll understand a heap more when i quote things like that.


4. Emos <---- *again by Moi*

Sissy, Poofta Boy, Not an actual person, "wow that kid's gunna be an asset to society." A few colloquial terms for Emos. Lets be honest they're not real people. More a joke invented by god for the rest of us to partake in. If they're in so much pain and emotionally hurting, why do they supposedly cut them self and cause more pain. Sounds like a bunch of damn pied nancy boys to me.

M for Massive!

5. People Failing On Camera

Actually what am I saying this is probably the apex of people we're suppose to laugh at. When you film yourself trying to ollie 5 steps or jump a gap. Expect the change in gravity caused by the act of filming yourself. You will fall and fail and not look cool in front of the possible 1000's of people that may see it if indeed it does get leaked onto the Internet.

Just remember, next time you see a slightly larger person try get out of the pool or a cat slam into a cat door purposely closed, instead of offering help or standing back and cringing. Have a laugh.

Cya people, stay laughing at the less lucky XD *I'm horrible mwahahaha*


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

haha everyone hates gingers they have no soul

miniwriter said... [Reply to comment]


I think theres a website that actually sells ginger antidote, for incase you get bitten.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

that fat kid is more of a goth emos are cute goths are fat ugly asshole lickers

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