Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eminem Recovery Leak

Eminem Recovery Leak

With all this modern day technology you whipper schnappers have been using piracy has become quite a horrid problem. My theory is, if your going to do it. do it LIKE A BOSS! It's a loss to see probably millions of dollars go down the drain or rather into pirates itunes libraries yaaaarrrr. Let me into ye booty? By the way that there is what I like to call sex addict the pirate.

But onto the serious point of pirating. Would you guys kill for the download speed of that chick in the pirating ads played before all the dvds you pirated?

Soooo if a movie is like 700mb to a gb thats like 70mb - 100mb a sec right? Where the hell is she getting her internets from? And to be honest I wouldn't steal a car I would feel way too guilty, however I would download one if I could :). Yaaarrr can I down a load on ye booty... O ew gross...

To be honest all the money these days must be in live shows. I've seen local NZ bands who are just getting their feet on the ground being pirated by people. In my opinion that is where pirating is bad. New bands need every cent, Eminem though he could probably do without the drug money. Ha please don't kill me I'm just joking :(

My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance...

So I can't really say much more than bad luck buddy. It sucks that you're going to loss huge amounts of money to pirates who possibly are sex addicted. Yaaarr let me put my boom stick in your booty. All the best for your recovery hahaaaaa punny! No? Awwww...

Yours truly


P.S Stay off the sex yaaaaarrr
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