Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paul The Squid, Psychic Extraordinaire

Paul The Squid, Psychic Extraordinaire

Hello Hello Hello to all. Well it seems a worldwide mystery that a squid predicted the last 8 games of the soccer world cup correctly. Now I'm not one to believe in psychics due to various pictures around the Internet of silly looking psychics and that mathematicians can predict closer than some 'other worldly connectors'. So now we've got a squid predicting soccer games? What am I suppose to believe?

Ok so you have to check this out. I just saw a picture of a guy called Gary Spivey. You have to check out his site. He looks so bogus!!!

Gary 'White Wig Fail Pyschic' Spivey

I honestly couldn't believe that this guy had a website. I thought he was just a fail guy on a picture on the Internet. Turns out he's a white wig wearing full blown wierdo. 0.o

Psychics already look silly and sound bogus enough, why wear a silly white wig and preach out in a white suit to boot.

Now back to Squid 'connect to the future with a' word :D

It really is amazing that this little fellow picked the winner to every game. Some say it's like he was a lucky and just picked the right 50-50 every time. but that's a 1/256 chance, I think. Unless they had like 300 octopus octopee octopi just chilling in tanks somewhere in Germany, then it would fully make sense the whole octopus thing. It definitely does deserve some credit though, ya know lets not turn it into calamari. :D

Cya guys. Stay psychic!

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