Sunday, July 18, 2010

Slap Bet, Backhand Justice

Slap Bet, Backhand Justice

If you haven't seen how I met your mother and don't know what a slap bet is you are deluded and need to go watch every single episode out.

How I Met Your Mother: Season One
How I Met Your Mother: Season Two
How I Met Your Mother: Season Three
How I Met Your Mother: Season Four
How I Met Your Mother: Season Five

There they all are for you so go and buy them or watch them illegally either way they must be watched.

So since our group of friends is all really poor, following the common suit of teenagers. We've decided to start betting the normal colour of our faces by starting slap bets. So when something needs to be bet on, we offer a slap that can be administered any time, place and side of hand.


This must be governed by a slap commissioner, stating when the slap can be administered.
 - E.G My friend had bad razor rash so the slap commissioner called slapping to a halt for a day.

The bet may be placed on anything.
 - Most recently I won a bet about whether the crazy guy off American Idol was singing pants on the ground or pants on the floor. Of course it's pants on the ground so I won that without doubt.

This is an HQ remix but the point is the same.

So anyways I won the slap bet and still haven't slapped the guy, I'm mellowing it out and letting him live in fear for awhile.

So go forth and start your slap bets, of course you lose some but some you win... And that's when the game's fun.

Cya round people, stay slappy

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