Friday, July 16, 2010

How To Kill Someone

How To Kill Someone

Well of course there are the traditional methods with guns and knives and other household appliances and gadgets that may seem quite brutal but how about the other ways? The ways only a teenage boy would think of?

The Grin

First of all you sit your victim in front of a T.V with their eyes taped open. They are then forced to watch Demi Lovato smile until they pass out unconscious and then inevitably die from exposure to too much gum. Thus this technique has earned itself the name. The Grin

Punny Jokes

Sit down a victim in a cold dark room. and flash a light in his eyes. You may want to administer a little beating as this will be the only fun you may have until the victim is stone cold dead. You must purchase said book The Best Book of Puns and then lecture, yes lecture him with every pun in this book until he has passed away, if the first reading does not kill him, swap readers and read again. Nothing is worse than hearing the same bad puns twice.

Sports Report

Now there is an old fart at our school who reads the sports report at every Monday school assembly, as we have been administered this verbal beating so many times the boredom does not effect us fatally, it can only be considered torture. At times when we think he's finished but continues the whole school actually groans. This is a new form of boredom. It's the sports Report.

Cya guy, stay alive :D

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