Monday, July 5, 2010

How To Cure A Cold

How To Cure A Cold

Well I've been struck with a cold/flu/bodily disfunctionment that has left me bed ridden, coughing and spluttering, so in respect of this disease disabling the mighty Sam I'm going to show you how to cure a cold! Or at least how my mum and her wacky wife remedies would.

1. Don't be bold and go Rambo on the weather.
The strong and fierce Sam usually walks around on a winter day in underwear because he's tough and refuses to believe that if he gets cold he will get a cold. Getting a virus or a bacterial infection have no correlation to your temperature. HOWEVER, when you are sick staying warm is key. Rambo never cured anything or anyone before so going Rambo now ain't going to cure you.

2. Get yoself sum dat purple drank!
No not really the purple drank, but fluids. I went to the doctor today and she said lots of fluids along with keeping warm is what you should do. So this one can be backed up by someone knowledged in medicine, not a wife's tale 'this might work if we tell him it will' myth. I like soda water and this blackberry cordial stuff.

3. For the coughs use a spoonful of sugar.
Slow down there Mary Poppins, we aren't swallowing medicine we're coughing up pieces of our lungs. By spoonful of sugar though I mean honey. I'm not sure if it actually cured my coughing but you may as well try it. I mean lets placebo this up aye. The honey I took helped my cough a lot and provided me with cough relief. The top medical scientists call it honey cure... It's not bacon I swear.

4. Catch some Z's
This one I know works. Just have a mean sleep, put on a DVD and just sleep through it. You feel better after a nice long sleep. Last Friday I slept through the whole night got up had breakfast then slept till 6 that night. I felt a little better but because I was so badly sick I still felt pretty bad.

5. Take a long hot shower or bath
You feel good until you turn off the water and it starts to get cold, BUT until then it's really nice having a shower when your sick. I had a fever so everything was cold especially my feet and hands. So a nice hot shower made it feel all better. Apparently says my ex nurse mum 'it's bad to have your showers too hot with a fever'. Makes sense considering your already too hot. But heck showers feel too good.

There are some cool showers on google...

Lata People! Stay healthy over winter.

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