Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend, time to hit the piss

People, people. I am in New Zealand and as of now I am finished school for the week. I am 16 and i'm ready to go hit the piss with my mates. As for people who don't know what the hell I'm talking about cause they aint from NZ and don't know what this means. It means I'm going out drinking with the boys.

For all you hippy old fullahs who think I shouldn't be doing at this age can get stuffed cause I know all you old stooges where back stocking up on homebrew back in your day. So peeps lighten up and read on. Anyways for the majority of the hillbilly NZ society Going out on the drink is a norm for people my age. So I'm actually less of a rebel and more of a conformist son of a bitch.

So far my day has consisted of a waterpolo game. Yes I strip down to speedos and show off my side pubes to everyone who doesn't want to see them and put on one of those funny caps... then wrestle with men in a pool... in speedos but thats beside the point. I play waterpolo, I'm not too good but hey we won this game and I didn't keep the bench warm like some of the other players did. I've been playing underwater hockey also for 3 years now... yes I know... it sounds like a silly sport but really it's one of the greatest sports i've ever played. Every other sport is all like get out of the pool and start running! Under water hockey is get out of the pool chill and have a beer. Yes it is a great sport and I can not emphasize enough the greatness of the euphoric slight high you get from oxygen deprivacy. No I kid but it is honestly a great sport.

If you wanna see our underwater hockey team go to this youtube link.
Avondale UWH Demorilisingly Uncouth...

Ok ok go watch this it's freaking epic. We had to send video into the organisers of our nationals tournament so we made a mockery of it. Now of course people won't get the private jokes like the hockey stick with the tic tacs... the yawning lizard is just in there for fun. NOW LOOK FOR ME OK!!! First freeze frame is my ass! I'm the one flying out of the pool!

See you peeps when I'm hungover!


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