Saturday, February 27, 2010

Start To My POV

YO! People of the world. I am Sam, Sam I am. I have started a blog to pretty much rant about the things that happen to me. If you can't be screwed reading these sorts of things leave my page now! What am I talking about anyone reading a blog is only reading to see people rant about how much worse their lives are than theirs. I am not hear to cry to invisible friends who I don't know, I'm not here to tell everyone how much my life sux. I am here to tell everyone how kickass my life actually is and to show those emo douche bag whiny fools that blogging isn't all about crying to a computer screen. So anyway. Get your mental socks ready to be blown from your feat as this blog is going to freakn rock your world with it's awesomeness!!! There'll be everything you want in a blog PORN AND VIDEO GAMES!!!. No I kid this blog is safe for work in that sense of manner. But If your boss finds mind blowing awesomeness a NSFW sorta thing then you better be saving this page for home cause people this blog is gunna be way cooler than brad pitt in fight club. And we all know that he was the s**t

So this is me, Just a dude putting his thought on the line. Everything to come is my outlook on life, my point of view, my awesome life.

Stay watching cause this s**t is about to hit the fan.

Add me on Facebook. I don't know how to link myself so just search Sam Law and look for the picture below :)

Catch you round people. This has been Sams POV and this s**t is just beginning

Look for this ugly mug on facebook!!! Add me people!!!
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