Friday, July 15, 2011

Nuclear Wake Up!

Nuclear Wake Up!

Well here we are on another NZ Saturday actually coming through with my minimal post-a-week to keep this blog alive. I've just woken up and with the events that just happened to me it seems appropriate that I write something about it because people. I just survived a nuclear attack.

I was sleeping cozily in my blanket and sheets just chilling out on a Saturday morning. I was warm, nothing could disturb the heavenly sleep I was in. I was wrong. To this day I believe that NZ is a pretty nuclear free country. We don't have nuclear power, we don't even let nuclear ships enter our waters I believe all in the pursuit to keep our green image. But what's that to stop someone dropping nukes all over the major cities of New Zealand in hate for us as we're the panzy asses who consider ourselves "green."

Well somehow my mind figmented this all in a fraction of a second. BOOM! A crashing sound knocks me out of my sleep. The curtains fly open and an orange light peels into my room. Whats just happened? I jump out of my bed, wobble upstairs (I just woke up remember) and see dad sitting there to say
"what's up"
"what the f**k was that"
"what was what?" Upon looking out our window onto the street a noob trying to load a container onto his truck had dropped, the curtains had coincidently flew open and the sun happened to be right in the sky where my mind had placed the nuclear mushroom cloud to be. So feeling like an idiot I came downstairs to do my Saturday post.

Well I'm glad it wasn't a real nuke dropped on green ole NZ and that I'm still alive but hey I got a post from it :D

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