Saturday, July 9, 2011

Obsessed With Beyonce Knowles

Obsessed With Beyonce Knowles

So here I am again an amazing one day after I said I was going to post more, so who's surprised? I know I am! Onto the post!

So I saw a movie last night called Obsessed, it was about a guy who had a girl serially in love with him and upon avoiding to tell his wife about this (Beyonce) things start to go wrong as she stalks him, drugs him and proceedes to violate him. I choose to blog about this movie today as it really was special... And by special I mean things happened in it that were just hilarious.

First up that made me laugh was when Derreck (Beyonces husband) was sitting at his computer when he decides to send his stalker an email saying (LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!) the email was instantly replied to with a big cartoon face... That then after some time winked at him! The look on Derrecks face from there was a mix of "I've just seen a picture of a decaptitaed bunny" and "MY LIFE IS OVER." It was just surprising that instead of telling someone he just told her to get lost and look astonished at stupid emails.

The second that was more my cup of tea was the woman fight at the end. The crazy stalker lady (who don't get me wrong is amazingly hot and has a macn body to top it off) has just shown up inside Beyonce's half naked and Beyonce finds her so they start fighting it out, Beyonce hookn white stalker bitch and the white bitch kickn Beyonce with her long white legs (this could easily turn into another sorta movie with a bit of adjustment) the scene was just great with all the fighting and lingerie.

So overall the movie was kinda average but there were a couple of scenes that made it pleasant to watch :)

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