Sunday, December 5, 2010

Myspace Face

Myspace Face

It is a well documented about fact that when someone is uploading a photo of themselves to Myspace (most typically girls) a phenomenon occurs where they decide to push their lips out and to the side to make them look like hard out douche bags.

Here we have a mild case, the lips aren't pushed to the side like other cases however these duck lips as more commonly known around the internet are probably a result of social networking

A truly horrid specimen here with three people degrading themselves and the human race with a triple Myspace face.

It is true I like to mock these self esteem craving twigs by pulling the Myspace face in many of my photos. However I do not upload any of these photos to Facebook, Myspace or any other social networking site because it obviously looks hideous, well not too obviously because we still see thousands of photos of chicks pulling this horrendous face.

Now as I said in my last post, I would show you my new haircut and talk about the said "Myspace face." I have done one so far now get ready for the double wammy!

Myspace face and new haircut! Chapow!

This one is just my hair from the other angle.

My old hair is back in this post.

So I hope you've enjoyed my post on the phenomenon of Myspace face o and my new haircut.

If you read my last post you'll know my dad is in hospital atm, just an update, he's still in a lot of pain and talking drivel due to the morphine yet he is getting better and nothing has gotten worse so thats a plus sign.

Cya guys, again stay safe.

P.S Comment, subscribe, favourite, do whatever I just like to hear from you, my e-mails floating around somewhere on this blog so if you find it send me an e-mail.

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