Thursday, January 20, 2011

Summer And A Half

Summer And A Half

Its winding down to the end of summer (in NZ) with only about a month left before it starts to head off into winter again and this has been a summer I will always remember. If you've been reading this blog (if anyone has been reading this blog) you may be wondering where I've been, well this post will pretty much sum it up for you.

First up there was my Dad who had an accident in early December, he's still live and kicking but it did ruin his holiday and leave the family a bit frayed for awhile, elaborated version

I also went away up north for a lil holiday which I hope I can elaborate on in a further post as it deserves one, I went away with my brothers and since my birthday is on New Years eve they threw together a whole set of dares I had to do for my 17th birthday, it made for a real fun night and end to the year, while we're at it, happy new year everyone.

I've also had my wisdom teeth out two days ago so now I look like an overgrown hamster as I've not been able to groom to my face and my cheeks are all swollen from the procedure, it can only get better from here. I hope.

So summer down under in NZ has been pretty memorable with everything that's happened and I know I will never forget this one especially as I'm going into my 7th form year at school, lucky last before I go off to university.

So all the best wishes for everyone and their new year, I hope to get back posting regularly soon but things are hectic around here and I'm really lazy too so see everyone soon hopefully!

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