Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday: Camp Awesome! 2010

Back from camp! YAY. So camp was great had a lot of fun and got to know a few people I didn't know to well. So lets give a brief run down of what went down.


- Busride down was probably one of the funniest times of my life just joking around with mates.
- Went on a stream walk the same day. My toes went blue.


- Went on a 20km walk across the Tongariro Crossing. I have never been happier to sit my ass down on  stoney gravel for a few minutes. Good views but sore feet


- Went kayaking through thermal springs and stuff. Got caught in blackberry bushes... F**kn sore!
- Went rock climbing and damn my podgy fingers couldn't grasp onto those tiny little holdy thingys :P
- Spa pools!!! So warm and awesome!


- At this point we went for a 6k tramp into the wilderness to camp for the night. Toasted marshmellows and drank powdered milk milos. So much fun sitting around tiny flames in warm clothes.


- Walk the other 6k's back
- Spa pools!!! Again!!! Yay!!!


- Bus ride home... Laterz Taurewa until next year

Pics will probs be up next post!
So that was all good and fun and since that was pretty much my whole week I think I'll just link to another piece of writing of mine I like and post a pic or two :)

Ok so I'm featuring this piece here as it is one of my more viewed pieces of writing. It was actually plagurised by some dude and, I didn't do anything about it but some other people had my back and flamed this dude a little. He still didn't give me credit. Anyways here it is

10 Cool, Awe-Inspiring, Nearly Pointless Facts

If you google the title of that piece you'll see that this guy snaked my piece. Damn you Rojak... or whatever the hell you're called...

Again here is my referral link if you wanna get in on this writing goodness.

Refer here people!

So heres a vid that caught my eye on youtube. Now this video went viral a few weeks back but I didn't have time to post it on my blog cause of the camp. So take a look here it is.

I can honestly say that never happens in NZ... The crazy old men not the dog attacks. Just remember...

This is a meme I made using and this is advice dog. He gives advice in captiony goodness.

So thats a post for the day. Check back and throw a comment this way. there's no bold theme because I can't be f***ed. Go make a meme or else you suck!

still bold stuff to stand out though

ciao peeps. Last theme just btw was stuff I'd like to own :)


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