Sunday, May 8, 2011

Source Code Review

Source Code Review

Hey all I don't review movies often but I'm here today to review Source Code for your viewing pleasure. May I say now that this is actually more of a rant and contains spoilers. Many a spoilers

Ok so we start off the movie we're nice and slow, we're given hints of how mr Jake Gyllenhaal has been put onto this train and then bang the train blows up. He soon finds out he is being used to go back in time into another persons mind to try and stop further terrorist attacks like the train bombing.

We are then told it is not actual time he is going back in it is just a Quantum physics phenomenon mixed with parabolic calculus or some mumbo jumbo but is explained like this.
"Do you know the glow of the lightbulb after it has been turned out? Well a human mind resembles that, after the persons physical body has passed away the electromagnetic frequencies or the brain still resonate, we are using your mind to connect with that of the dead mans and recapture his last 8 minutes before he dies."

A bit of paraphrasing but you get the point. In the end he saves the day and stops the dirty bomb from exploding. This is where it gets interesting. It says in that explanation above that they aren't sending him back in time, only creating a fictional world for him to save the day. However he some how manages to save the train from exploding, the dirty bomb from going off and continue to live life as this man his minds been implanted into. Oh yea he's dead btw (well fataly wounded, his brain is hooked up to a crazy machine) so he's not coming back after he saves the day. Well atleast he was suppose to.

This is where the movie starts to bug me. Upon his last 8 minutes on the train he manages to send a text back to another character, find closure with his dad, stop the terror attacks and live happily ever after never coming out of his fictional world that has been created. So may I ask a few questions to the writers.

How can he possibly be in the mans mind if he had never died and the connection between their two minds was never made?
How did he turn back time and change the future if it was impossible for source code to do that?
Where has the mans mind he is now taken over gone as he never actually died?
What happens when they use him again to save the world, will he come out of his dream or what ever the hell it is?

Well that's my opinion, I didn't think it was a bad movie it was quite gripping actually it just had a few flaws that really got me wondering.

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